Driving and Walking

I noticed one thing today when I was driving home after the visiting a client.

It was that , driving drives us to the memories ~the past.

On the other hand ,walking takes us to the future.

I found myself remembering about my mind of past

during my driving time when I going back to home today

using the same course as one of five years ago.

My memories about my mother come everytime with much regrets.

So I cried a little again.

Then a question come down to me.

Why I always want to cry when I drive alone?

I always walk alone but almost never cry.

Walking brings me many thought as same as driving.

But the thoughts usually positive and new idea.

Why both are so different?

I suppose the differences comes from part of brain

which is activated by walking or driving.

Well , I should learn more about brain and the seek the answer of these question.